“Hey ‘Adam,’ ‘Where You At’?”

Take a Stand and Be the Man!
by Karen D. Reid
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781524685829

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A GODLY MANS GUIDE TO COVERING THE WOMAN OF GOD FROM A W.O.W.W.W.W WOMANS PERSPECTIVE In view of what has been established in my Trilogy for both males and females, leaders and laymen, this journey continues as a spin-off from: God, Why Didnt He Cover Me? As I have been criticized about the wording of the current book title, I need you to roll with me on this one. As this book has become a personal conversation with my race of people, reader discretion is advised. If it had been intended for Esaus descendents, I would have asked: Hey Adam, Where Art Thou? But since God has expanded my ability to communicate an exclusive message, this book has been deliberately downloaded for the Tribe of Judah. In translating the artistic nature of Heaven onto the earth, I need you to comprehend the words that are coming out of the Fathers mouth. Disclaimer: Just as this intriguing component continues to offer a unique smorgasbord of legitimate inquiries that may not fit the typical readers practical perspective, the project is intentionally informal with jargon-laden language that may not be acceptable by church folks and academic audiences. So if you are the traditional, super-spiritual Christian thats speaking in super-sonic tongues, this book will likely press your religious buttons. Even as the progressive theology may go beyond the capacity of your traditional beliefs, your personal opinions are no indication that God has stopped speaking (see Mt. 4:4). So in viewing the world with an inquisitive eye that may not fit the general patterns, I trust that you will notice that this book treads on prophetic territory. Now that I have pre-warned you of the inevitable, I invite you to explore a very rare assessment of the first and last Adam. Especially rewarding for the reader who values the fact that Adam was the figure of HIM who was to come, my question is: Could it possibly be that Adam was engaged in covering his bride and not preoccupied with hiding his sin?