Hessdalen Lights!

- What's happening in the Norwegian mountains?
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Publisher: Nils Ofstad

Publication Date: June 03, 2019

ISBN: 9780359703814

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The Hessdalen valley, Norway - is the world's number one UFO hotspot; nowhere else have more UFOs been seen over a longer time span. And the sightings continue...

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- The scientific investigations that has been done and IS being done currently, the advanced instrumentation - and the remarkable results.

- How scientists involved in the project conclude that a significant amount of data indicates illuminated solid objects.

- That Hessdalen residents insist that what they see are physical crafts - not "just" lights.

- How some of the scientists have experienced close encounters as well - including 'daylight discs'.

- That scientists with basically a geophysical approach have "converted" according to the origin of the phenomenon - and openly takes the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) into consideration.

- The alleged UFO landing - and the sighting of a humanoid on the ground - at mount Rognefjell in Hessdalen.

- Examples of lost time (possible abductions?) in connection with UFO encounters in Hessdalen.

- Speculation about what Hessdalen might represent on a broader scale.

- The author's personal experience after having spent last year at a cabin in Hessdalen. 

…and a lot more.

***I'm impressed by Hessdalen itself, because Hessdalen is really a UFO laboratory. It's a place where things are happening and where things can be studied. Hessdalen has had the best equipment and the best periode of operation and observation of the UFO-phenomenon any place in the world. ***

- Dr. J. Allen Hynek* (S*cientific advisor to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force - Project Blue Book).