Handbook of Hope

First Aid for Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One
by Mary Elizabeth Burgess
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781491841587

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Grief/Consolation Written in short, to the point suggestions, Handbook of Hope provides practical, meaningful, and immediate aid for family and friends of loved ones who die by suicide. Sometimes classified as disenfranchised grief because society’s attitudes do not permit “normal” mourning, suicide is one of the most difficult kinds of loss to cope with. Handbook of Hope is designed to help with the period immediately following the suicide as well as many months later. It points the way, step by step, to acceptance of the reality of devastating loss. Drawing from many perspectives, including her own losses and illness as well as the mourning styles of her family, Mary Elizabeth Burgess writes with the warmth and conviction of one who’s “been there.” She also facilitates Grief Support Groups. “From Mary Elizabeth Burgess’s personal tragedy was born this slim volume of hope and wisdom. It is comforting to read for those new to the raw grief which flows in the wake of suicide–and full of straightforward navigational advice.” –Sarai Alpert, M. A., Grief Therapist “At the darkest moment of my life, a total stranger reached out to me with her Handbook of Hope. Only someone who has experienced the suicide of a loved one could write these clear and loving words. Please keep your copy close. You will need to refer to it often. You are not alone.” -Debra Lloyd, Mother “Believe this: You will survive.”