Handbook of Algal Technologies and Phytochemicals

Volume II Phycoremediation, Biofuels and Global Biomass Production
by Gokare A. Ravishankar & Ranga Rao Ambati
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: July 13, 2019

ISBN: 9780429603655

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Key Features

  • The most comprehensive resource available on the biodiversity of algal species, their industrial production processes and their use for human consumption in food, health and varied applications.
  • Emphasis on basic and applied research, addressing aspects of scale-up for commercial exploitation for the development of novel phytochemicals (phytochemicals from algae).
  • Addresses the underexplored and underutilized potential of chemicals from marine sources for health benefits.
  • Each chapter, written by expert contributors from around the world, includes a Dictionary of Terms, Key Facts, Summary Points, Figures and Tables, as well as up-to-date references.

The second book in this two-volume set explores phycoremedation applications, and the sustainable use of algae for biofuels and other products of economic value. It also looks at aspects such as macro- and micro algal impact on marine ecosystem and remote sensing of algal blooms. The commercial value of chemicals of value to food and health is about $6 billion annually, of which 30 percent relates to micro and macro algal metabolites and products for health food applications. As a whole, the two volumes explore the aspects of diversity of micro and macro algal forms, their traditional uses; their constituents which are of value for food, feed, specialty chemicals, bioactive compounds for novel applications, and bioenergy molecules. Bio-business and the market share of algae-based products are also dealt with, providing global perspectives.