Hacking the Gap

A Journey From Intuition to Innovation and Beyond
by Greg Voisen
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Publisher: Wiseologie Media Group

Publication Date: June 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780999005217

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In Hacking the Gap, Greg Voisen shares his journey of discovery—and it is a testimony to the spirit of transforming one’s thinking and doing, and perhaps most importantly, to the art of being.  Interspersed throughout this adventure are personal stories, jewels of wisdom and precious nuggets of advice garnered from his own hard-fought battles—the learning lessons of life.  He draws on personal experience as well as the accumulated synergy of his extended family—many of them personal friends and best-selling authors, preeminent thought leaders in human potential and business innovation.

In searching for a metaphor to describe Hacking the Gap, the image of a lotus flower emerging into full bloom comes to mind.  The lotus bud opens into a perfect portrait of symmetry in which the petals are supporting each other, demonstrating the inherent harmony of nature and suggesting a Higher Power at work.  Not only does Greg Voisen remind us to listen to our soul’s voice and take time to tune in—to nature, to the stillness and mystery of just being, he also presents an eight-fold system of integrating each phase of the creative flow process for maximum results.  Each step in what he calls the Hacking the Gap process builds a structure that holistically supports our intuitive aha moments, the capturing of these insights and ideas, recording them, and persevering through all the necessary modifications and challenges until we have a fully developed product or service—a lotus flower of innovation in full bloom—with the potential to change the world.

We can do it he reminds us and Greg’s enthusiasm does rub off as he skillfully motivates us to find that magical balance between “doing” and “being.” Acting as mentor and life coach, Greg guides us through the twists and turns of this game-changing journey of courage, renewal, inspiration, and unbounded possibilities.  These gifts emerge from our own shift in awareness as we learn ...