H.M. Bark Endeavour

by Ray Parkin

Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing

Publication Date: May 24, 2013

ISBN: 9780522863871

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This incomparable book is at once a unique account of a great journey of discovery—Endeavour's voyage up the east coast of New Holland (Australia) in the year 1770—and a remarkable re-creation of the experience of being on board ship.

Parkin draws on meticulous research to reveal what the Endeavour looked like, how she sailed, how she smelled: what daily life would have been like for those on board. No aspect of the ship is too insignificant for his enquiries. How many strands of yarn were in the ship's cable? (954) Did the ship have a lightning conductor? (Yes) What was the diameter of her main mast? (21 inches)

These details are illustrated by a series of plans and figures depicting the ship's architecture and construction, her deck plan, rigging, sails, armament, boats, cables, anchors and accommodation, beautifully drawn by Parkin himself.

A composite log of Endeavour's voyage up the east coast of Australia—extracts from journals kept by those on board—are supplemented by an interpretive commentary and a series of explanatory charts.

HM Bark Endeavour is a fitting companion to standard works on Cook's voyage. It is also an absorbing book: discursive, erudite, at times poetic; full of wisdom, insight and information.