by David Groscup

Publisher: David Groscup

Publication Date: January 02, 2016

ISBN: 1230000871471

Binding: Kobo eBook

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In “HIT-HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING ROUTINES for RAPID MUSCLE GAINS”, author David Groscup, DR HIT, provides the reader with effective muscle-building training routines using the time and science tested HIT, high intensity training protocol, which was pioneered by Arthur Jones, inventor of the famous Nautilus machines.


A companion to his other books, this volume gives the reader easy-to-follow routines for practical application of the many different HIT variables, or techniques, designed to add muscle size and strength rapidly.


Topics include:


The right way to use pre-exhaust and double pre-exhaust techniques to blast your muscles to new growth

How to push your muscles past exhaustion-a great way to dramatically escalate gains

Use negatives build strength and muscle size faster

Slow things down to speed gains up

Using static holds to break through sticking points

Proper “micro-loading” to prevent stagnation

How to determine proper training intensity and frequency to avoid overtraining

Using a single set to thoroughly train a muscle

And much, much more!


Author's blog on high intensity training at: http://drhitshighintensitybodybuilding.blogspot.com/


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