Granite and Gravity

In This Life, Prepare For The Next
by Vivian Elani
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Publisher: Sacred Stories Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: August 30, 2016

ISBN: 9781945026201

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Set against the backdrop of the construction the Brooklyn Bridge which defied engineering and human capabilities; joining two cities and providing a foundation of trust for an uncertain future.
Aria gazes upon the earth and locates her soul group. With several past lives shared between them, their presence is familiar and instantly recognizable. As she and her soul mates embark on this new joint life, Aria feels something different; the true weight and energy of her soul group was now on her shoulders. It was a foreign sensation, something she had never experienced before this latest journey.
Among those in her soul group, Aria exhibits special promise and has been chosen by the Council of Souls to orchestrate her group’s next life, this time in 19th century Manhattan.
Although the most advanced, Aria has little experience crafting lives and soon realizes that her soul mates have much to learn, more than she had originally anticipated. When one soul under her supervision makes a choice that is outside of the script Aria has crafted, the progression of the entire group is placed in jeopardy.
Now Aria, still a novice composer of lives, must acquire the Council’s approval to intervene in her groups’ life on earth. Salvaging her soul group’s progress and advancing their collective growth will prove to be Aria’s most important challenge yet.