Get It Delivered

by Atit Purani
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: June 06, 2016

ISBN: 9781482874327

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Software Projects implementation fails due to a variety of reasons: from lack of understanding, knowledge, unrealistic expectations, lack of top management commitment, poor communication, unrealistic budgets and schedules, poor project management, lack of Project management methodology etc. If you fit in any of the below mentioned categories, this book is for you: Someone, who has never run a software project earlier, but wants to get started. Someone, who wants to ensure optimal cost with his or her next Software Project. Someone, who is carrying important piece of work, which deviate from their normal day-to-day workings. Someone, who is a newbie to project management, but wanted to have a clear and quick guide to deliver a Software project. Someone, who wants to take “pragmatic” approach to successful and happy Software Project delivery. Someone, who is looking forward to excelling himself in delivery of Software Projects. As the core theme of this book is “Delivery of Software Projects” it can be primarily used for projects within your own work and even your personal work also not limiting it to IT world. As the title suggest that the aim is to make the delivery of a Project it should always be “happy” experience”. Project Delivery = Getting things done at right time = Happy Customers with value addition