Get Happy!

Lessons in lasting happiness
by Anthony Gunn

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Publication Date: October 15, 2015

ISBN: 9781743790069

Binding: Hardback

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When did you last give someone a heartfelt compliment? Do you take time to count your blessings? By showing how to reflect on yourself and your surroundings in new ways, Get Happy will help you to reveal the bigger picture. These practical, simple tips will motivate you to find your way to happiness that lingers. The author, psychologist Anthony Gunn, draws on his experience to bring together quotes from international thinkers and inspirational tips to illuminate the path to happiness.
A sample from the book:
Finding happiness in discomfort
If habituation causes us to get used to things quickly, what is the answer to finding lasting happiness? Research shows that variety is the best defence against habituation. A good way to achieve this is by stepping out of comfort zones, such as trying a new sport, meeting new people, going to new places, learning new skills, or furthering your education. Every time you step out of a comfort zone, you’re forced to grow as a person. Make yourself the focus of change instead of changing objects around you and watch your happiness soar.
‘Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.’ Thomas Carlyle.
Give a compliment
Making someone else happy can make you feel great. Give someone you know a compliment. Seeing their happiness will be contagious. If they are the type who won’t accept compliments and give responses like, “Anyone could bake a cake like mine”, then you need to get under their guard. A clever way to get past these defences is by passing on a compliment from someone else. For example, “Sally was raving about your chocolate cake last night.” It’s harder to knock back a compliment that way as you’re simply the messenger, and they’ll often feel more comfortable accepting it. Go on, give a compliment and noti