Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering Second Edition

by Shultis, J. Kenneth
rrp $176.80

Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781439894088

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Since the publication of the bestselling first edition, there have been numerous advances in the field of nuclear science.  In medicine, accelerator based teletherapy and electron-beam therapy have become standard. New demands in national security have stimulated major advances in nuclear instrumentation.An ideal introduction to the fundamentals of nuclear science and engineering, this book presents the basic nuclear science needed to understand and quantify an extensive range of nuclear phenomena.

New to the Second Edition-

  • A chapter on radiation detection by Douglas McGregor
  • Up-to-date coverage of radiation hazards, reactor designs, and medical applications
  • Flexible organization of material that allows for quick reference
  • This edition also takes an in-depth look at particle accelerators, nuclear fusion reactions and devices, and nuclear technology in medical diagnostics and treatment. In addition, the author discusses applications such as the direct conversion of nuclear energy into electricity.  The breadth of coverage is unparalleled, ranging from the theory and design characteristics of nuclear reactors to the identification of biological risks associated with ionizing radiation. All topics are supplemented with extensive nuclear data compilations to perform a wealth of calculations.

    Providing extensive coverage of physics, nuclear science, and nuclear technology of all types, this up-to-date second edition of Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering is a key reference for any physicists or engineer.