Fundamentals of Family Medicine

by M. G. Rosen, W. E. Jacott, E. P. Donatelle & others
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Publisher: Springer New York

Publication Date: October 02, 2015

ISBN: 9781461254331

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This book is intended as an introduction to family medicine and to the behaviors, concepts, and skills upon which the clinical practice of the discipline is based. The chapters that follow will provide a foundation for the student during the pre-doctoral years, a base upon which he or she can build during residency training and practice. Fundamentals of Family Medicine presents Part I (the first 36 chapters) of Family Medicine: Principles and Practice. Because it is intended that the student will eventually move from use of this extracted material to the full textbook, the preface to the comprehensive edition has been included and cross-references to later chapters have been retained. Why publish a student edition? Medical students in various schools particiĀ­ pate in courses covering a wide range of topics including communication skills, family dynamics, medical ethics, human sexuality, disease prevention, aging and death. Departments of family medicine generally assume a leadership role in presentation of such courses, and this book is intended to integrate these eclectic topics into a single textbook.