Fun and Easy Science Projects: Grade 4 - 40 Fun Science Experiments for Grade 4 Learners

by JB Concepts Media

Publisher: JB Concepts Media

Series: Fun & Easy Science

Publication Date: June 13, 2019

ISBN: 9781370269136

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Science certainly does not need to be complicated formulas, heavy text books and geeky guys in white lab coats with thick glasses. Science can be really simple and is actually only about understanding the world you live in!
Science experiments are an awesome part of science that allows you to engage in cool and exciting hands on learning experiences that you are sure to enjoy and remember! By working through the science projects in this book, you will learn about science in the best possible way – getting your hands dirty & doing things yourself!
Specially chosen to appeal to kids in grade 4, each experiment answers a particular question about a specific category of science and includes an introduction, list of the materials you need, easy-to-follow steps, an explanation of what the experiment demonstrates as well as a learn more and science glossary section! Each of these easy-to-understand sections helps explain the underlying scientific concepts to kids and will inspire them to create their own related experiments and aid in developing an inquisitive mind.
Amongst many others, you will make caramel from sugar to understand how chemical reactions works, balance forks on a string with the science of levers, make a compass to learn about the attraction & repulsion forces of magnetism!
Other fun experiments include Using simple chemistry to make your dull coins shine again, learn how to generate electricity by means of induction, make your own homemade perfume, studying how a water turbine works with a milk carton, using the sun’s infra-red rays to cook a potato, mapping how far the sun is from the moon, studying if moth cocoons can survive freezing temperatures, using a balloon filled with carbon dioxide to amplify sound waves and many, many more!
The 40 projects contained in this science experiment e-book cover a wide range of scientific topics; from Chemistry and Electricity to Life Sciences and Physics… there are ...