From Here to There

A Quarter-Life Perspective On The Path To Mastery
by Thane Marcus Ringler

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: November 07, 2018

ISBN: 9781949709094

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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From Here to There is a book about the path to mastery. How do you move from one place to another without the inevitable anxiety, stress, confusion, and misdirection that we've all had to face? This book lays out a big-picture perspective on the ways we can think about these periods in life, that best set us up for success, and best prepare us to tackle the inherent obstacles any journey possesses. From Commitment, to Learning, to Discernment, to Systems, to Momentum, and more, Thane works through the mental models that have empowered him to think clearly and accurately about this time in life. For those people who care less about the idea and more about the "how to", this book has you covered. For each broad idea, Thane dives into the smaller specifics on what these concepts look like in application. With lists, tips, and strategies, this book will leave you with a full arsenal of tools to situationally apply to anything life may throw your way. Whether you're a hard-charger, or a deep-thinker, or a loyal employee, this book will be useful for you. It's engaging, inspiring, but more importantly it's grounding. This book is relatable because life is a struggle, and the life experiences Thane shares speak to the reality that, more times than not, we will fail. But, in failing there's learning. And in learning there's growth. "Come with me on this journey of growth, From Here to There."