Free Roll

by Brandt Tobler
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Publisher: Brandt Tobler

Publication Date: May 19, 2017

ISBN: 9780998794891

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· What it's like on a daily basis to bet hundreds of thousands of dollars working for some of the largest professional gamblers in Las Vegas?


· How to spend a summer house-sitting one of the biggest stars in the world’s 11,000 square-foot mansion; without an invitation from its celebrity owner?


· Whether the life of crime pays; specifically running a shoplifting ring in a middle-America mall?


· What causes a son to finally say enough is enough and decide, "Today is the day I am going to kill my dad."?

Comedian Brandt Tobler has the answers in this funny, touching, and downright unbelievable memoir of a small-town Wyoming kid turned "Mall-fia" Don, turned nationally touring comic.

This book is written by a stand-up comedian that takes you through tragedy after tragedy on its path to hilarity. Will it make you laugh? Eventually. Will it make you cry? Probably. But the hope is that it will also make you smile, dream, and reflect, while simultaneously inspiring you to never stop chasing your dreams (even if your very own family is constantly trying to derail them).

Brandt tells his life story with candor, detailing the many pit stops, wrong turns, crazy connections, and lucky breaks he experienced along the way to his comedy career, all while trying to balance a toxic relationship with his jailbird dad. Brandt’s storytelling will make you laugh (it better because that's his job!) and believe, as he does, that when it comes to defining family, blood isn't always thicker than water.