Fortune Telling with Tea Leaves - A Beginner’s Guide

How to tell fortunes and perform divination by reading tea leaves
by Sophia Buckland

Publisher: Triangle Circle Square

Series: Fortune Telling for Beginners

Publication Date: May 23, 2016

ISBN: 9781365135491

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This introductory guide to tasseography - reading tea leaves - is perfect for you to begin telling fortunes.

The ancient practice of divining fortunes with tea is one which is frequently overlooked by those having heard of Tarot as a method richest in authenticity. Those truly informed however can confirm that simple tea leaves, when read correctly, can more than satisfy the requirements for concise accuracy which is what of course underpins all good fortune telling. The fact you can accomplish the task inexpensively with everyday household items is a further advantage.

While it is tempting to default to Tarot, with its rich and colorful imagery, there needn’t be the complexity when a simpler, more accessible and less arcane means of fortune telling does the task excellently. Tasseography - fortune telling with tea leaves - is certainly no compromise when reading a fortune. As you will discover in these pages; it possesses its own distinct history, dignity and richness quite apart from other, more popularly known means of telling a fortune.

As you will witness in the pages of this book, the myriad methodologies afforded by the simple loose tea leaves allow for intense and accurate predictions. Different foci can be concentrated upon, different symbols interpreted, and different formations and arrangements of the leaves used to benefit those eager to discover their future. The power to predict comes not from the sort of tea we brew; but the will and connection between the fortune teller and those desirous of an accurate and sound prediction about anything or indeed everything to come in life.

Within this guidebook are listed a huge number of tasseographic terms. The meaning of symbols as they appear in the bottom of your cup are discussed – both a long alphabetical glossary and twenty illustrated examples aid in your interpretations of the results. You're in good hands - Sophia Bucklandis a fortune ...