Field Notes on the Visual Arts

Seventy-Five Short Essays
by Karen Lang
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Publisher: Intellect Books Ltd

Publication Date: June 21, 2019

ISBN: 9781789380170

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What is the relation of art and history? What is art today? Why does art affect us? In Field Notes on the Visual Arts, 75 scholars, curators, and artists traverse chronology and geography to reveal the meanings and dilemmas of art. Organized under eight major headings – Anthropomorphism, Appropriation, Contingency, Detail, Materiality, Time, and Tradition – the contributions are written by historians of art, literature, culture and science, as well as archaeologists, anthropologists, philosophers, curators and artists. By bringing together voices that are generally separated both inside and outside the academy, Field Notes on the Visual Arts makes clear that the work of art is both meaningful and resistant to meaning.