Fangs for the Memories

by Andy Sanson


Publication Date: October 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781326804657

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Way, way, back in the day, a young man leaving school and thrust into the real world without so much as a boat, never mind a paddle, found himself wallowing in the sepia world of a nineteen sixties dental laboratory that reused to drag itself out of the Between The Wars Years. This is his story - my story. Not, as you may think, so much about a dental laboratory as the goings-on of the Management and Staff and the not-always-pc stuff we got up to. Music and motorcycles played a large part in my life, as did drinking too much and staying up late as well as all the other ephemera associated with the late teenage and beyond years of one who was more interested in The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and dental nurses than molars and the tools and materials of the trade - apart from the inflammable qualities of some of the chemicals we used. Hope you enjoy. And if you do, there is Volume Two just a few days away