Facing the Truth

The Sequel to : Whispers from the Bridge
by Trudy Sheehan
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 27, 2018

ISBN: 9781496915696

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Jenny had her fill of feelings and emotions. She had just been through a tragedy that would engulf her life with questions in the anxiety of learning the truth. She had a loving father, a mother that changed with each season and a mothers love that faded into the past, only to show a glimpse before dying. Martin was the love of her life, she found disillusionment with that love with learning about a secret love affair to which a child was born. Jenny learned she had a twin sister Abby whom had been exiled from her mother's love and given away. Finding out Abby took her own life, was too much to bear. Exhaustion encrypted her life and claimed her heart. It was as if someone turned the hourglass and the secrets and memories were falling out. Her life as she knew it was falling into a dark hole. Now she had to share in the arrangements for a twin she never knew she had. To have a relationship with a grandfather, whom she thought was her best friends grandfather and now finding out everyone was uninformed of the truth was complete despair. If the grandfather knew, why didnt he tell the truth, and as far as Jenny felt, he was as guilty as her mother. To live your life believing you were an only child, never having any regrets. Honesty is the only way to live your life. Life had become a battlefield of lies, secretes and regrets. Jenny spoke aloud, "my whole life was a lie, and when the truth was embedded so deep it took a lifetime to surface." Jenny needed to pick up the pieces, but there were so many; could she pick up the pieces? Did she want to, that was up to Jenny to decide.