Facial Massage: How to Traditional Facial Massage?

by Amiris Nida

Publisher: Kasittik

Publication Date: July 03, 2018

ISBN: 9780463505236

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Facial Massage - How to Traditional Facial Massage?

You can study and practice these 12 methods of Facial Massage in the basic level. They can make the healthiness, the relaxation, the bright faces, the fitted facial muscles, and the better blood circulatory on faces.

Facial massage is the best way for anti- aging. Therefore, it is popular among women. Before doing massage, you need to clean up your hand and use cleanser to clean your face, and then pat your face with warm towel. The most proper time for facial massage is before bed so that you will feel fresh and lively your face.

The Traditional Massage

"The massage" had been created since the old times in almost every continent. It is the treatment for the body, the mind and the temper. As the “theory of massage”, the massagers have to perform conscientiously, satisfyingly and charitably. It means that they should put their heart while massaging. The rhythm and the weight of the massage depend on massagers’ hands. The good massagers should have warm hands because that means much power which can be called in the Japanese language “KHI”, “XI” in the Chinese language, and can be passed on other people.