Face Your Fears To Live A Fearless Life: Stop Accepting Average And Embrace Being Powerful Beyond Measure

by Seth Cohen

Publisher: Seth Cohen

Publication Date: July 09, 2015

ISBN: 9781513044811

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do you live every day worried about what might be? Is the quality of your life diminished because of it?

Be Fearless

Fear is a natural feeling to have. It isn’t like this book will teach you how to be some emotionless rock. What matters is what you do with that fear. Do you let it incapacitate you or push you to succeed?

Successful people feel fear, but they use it to their advantage. Their fear allows them to find ways to become stronger mentally and more resilient. By facing their fears, they achieve more health, wealth and happiness than the average individual. That is why they always seem extraordinary.

Many times they fail to reach their goals or fulfill their dreams, but as long as their fears do not stop them from trying, they are proud of their lives and happy with their experiences.

Is Fear Your Invisible Crutch?

Many people cling to their fears, using them as a crutch to explain why they have not succeeded in life. This is the wrong path to take. Your fears are just a part of who you are; they should not define your very existence. To get past this restrictive attitude, emphasize your goals in life.

You will feel empowered and fearless when you have a clearly defined goal to pursue. Sure it might be scary but you won’t fear it. The thought of it will make you excited scared not frozen with fear. There are so many excuses disguised as fear, like not having the knowledge, time or money. Many times those are the cover-ups for the fact you are afraid to even try to succeed.

It is easy not to live life. You just wake up, do the bare minimum, go to bed and then do it again. If you are happy with that lifestyle, this book probably isn’t for you.

Kick Fear In The A$$

It is time to act. You must face your fears. You will have identified your phobias by the time you are done reading this ...