Evernote: How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Day, Supercharge Your Life and Get More Done

by Michael T. Robbins

Publisher: Michael T. Robbins

Publication Date: June 06, 2018

ISBN: 9781386781264

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Evernote Will Help You Organize Your Life and Get More Done--In Less Time!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by how busy your life has become? Do you feel like your mental and physical clutter gets in the way of being organized? Does it seem like you always have great ideas, but can never remember them?

If so, let me show you how Evernote can change all that.

Today our lives are busier than ever and we have many roles to play. Whether you're a parent with kids, an employee with a stressful job, a student with a heavy course load or even an entrepreneur with deadlines and notes to keep track of...the list of possible life titles are endless.

And if that doesn't keep us busy enough we're then bombarded with attention-grabbing social media, TV and advertisements that only cause more clutter to stay in our heads. If you're needing to de-clutter your mind...Evernote is the answer!

Evernote Is Your One Stop Shop To Completely Reorganize And Regain Control Of Your Life!

It used to take lots of space, time, and great organizational skills to keep up with all the "clutter" in life. You may have used large amounts of sticky notes, notebooks, and filing cabinets to keep track of your important thoughts, documents and all those little pieces of information that you had to keep track of.

Now, Evernote has changed all that! With Evernote you can easily keep track of every idea, save every document, be reminded of every important event and even plan your future--all from the Evernote interface, on any device.

In this book you'll discover how Evernote can improve every aspect of your life. You'll find out how to get organized and never feel overwhelmed with clutter again. You'll see how to streamline your life and change the way you look at everything.

This book will show you how to have more clarity, focus and time by using ...