Essential Journey

Exaltation of existence for spiritual enlightenment.
by Irmgard Radefeldt
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 20, 2015

ISBN: 9781468531633

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Humankind is at the point of taking the evolutionary leap towards a higher level of conscience and existence, where there will be only one law: Love. We are spiritual beings living a physical experience who have forgotten our origin. It is necessary to awaken from this amnesia, from this dream, which has displaced our conscience. Whoever connects with his inner wealth becomes enlightened; whoever feels the unity with the intimate Self, which provides an incommensurable and indestructible connection, is liberated from the illusion of the mind and remains in the true, in the real, in the valuable, in the sacred. How beautiful it is to be able to recognize that there exists a way of communicating between ourselves from Self to Self, from the divine which lies within me, with the divine part that is within you, with animals, with plants and with the Whole! The inner encounter, from silence, is conscience liberated from thoughts, creating ineffable inner stillness and peace, which allows us to hear the voice of our own, individual Self.