Escape the Ordinary

Open Your Mind to New Perspectives
by Sasha Skyy

Publisher: La Maison Publishing, Inc.

Publication Date: September 06, 2018

ISBN: 6610000101832

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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After a terrible car accident, Sasha Skyy felt her soul leaving her body, meeting her source, flowing to her and through her. Having had a spiritual awakening, she understood the universe, her purpose, the purpose of life, and the fact that we are all energy. Her purpose was simply shown to her and she began to connect each dot along her path. She fought her way through three open-heart surgeries and received a pacemaker, then struggled to overcome a drug addiction. Even though she was in a wheelchair, she remained positive and was able to find the beauty within herself and life. During her time in the hospital, she inspired the doctors, nurses, and all other staff with her positive outlook on the situation she was in. She didn’t complain at all, appreciating the nurses so much and all that they did for her. And of course, acknowledging the doctor who saved her life. The point of this book is to always know you can outshine any storm. Never stop casting your inner rays outward, because it shows. Her one of a kind and unique personality enables her to prodigiously express herself through her words and creativity.