Encounters with the Spirit World

by Brett Wright
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Publisher: Brett Wright

Publication Date: July 09, 2018

ISBN: 9780648323983

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Encounters with the Spirit World contains many never-before-documented reports of peoples' encounters with those who have left this life and gone to the next. Some of these accounts are inspirational and uplifting; some however, are truly frightening.

What stops this book from being just another, 'bump in the night', collection of ghost stories is that many of the encounters told within come from respected, professional members of the community; from doctors and police to lawyers and even an astronaut, their encounters are told here, many for the first time.

Be they on land or at sea, even in the skies above, Encounters with the Spirit World delves into stories of the well known, the not so well known and the never before recorded encounters people have experienced around the world.

This book also takes a look at people who have returned to the 'living world' from Near Death Experiences, what they state happened to them in the next life on their fleeting visit. Ultimately, it is for the reader to decide what they believe.

At the very least, this book contains a collection of stories that both entertain and thrill.

At the most, they are an insight into the future that awaits us all, a glimpse into the next life.