Encounters Beyond the Gallery

Relational Aesthetics and Cultural Difference
by Renate Dohmen
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Series: International Library of Modern and Contemporary Art

Publication Date: March 04, 2019

ISBN: 9781786720252

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Despite the recent “global turn” in contemporary art, ethnic arts remain on the fringes of mainstream gallery, museum and biennial exhibitions. Encounters Beyond the Gallery challenges the terms of their exclusion, looking to relational art, Deleuze-Guattarean aesthetics and notions of perception, as well as anthropological theory for ways to create connections between seemingly disparate worlds. Embracing a unique and experimental format, the book imagines encounters between the art works and art worlds of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tamil women, the Shipibo-Conibo of Eastern Peru and a fictional female contemporary artist named Rikki T, in order to rethink normative aesthetic and cultural categories. Its method reflects the message of the book, and embraces a plurality of voices and perspectives to steer critical attention towards the complexity of artistic life beyond the gallery.