Empath: How to Navigate Empathic Ability from Realization to Relaxation

by Damian Bertrand

Publisher: Damian Bertrand

Publication Date: May 07, 2018

ISBN: 9780463825020

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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As a sensitive person, you may feel out of place in today's harsh reality of lackluster compassion, violent headlines, and hollow, impersonal connections. But what if you aren't just sensitive, or 'too emotional'? What if you're one of the rare individuals who possesses the ability to absorb their emotional environment with a heightened awareness that most will never be able to comprehend?

You might suspect you're an empath. As an empath, you are equipped with a beautiful, spiritual gift.

Clinical hypnotherapist Damian Bertrand invites you to explore EMPATH from the therapeutic perspective: The story of one client's realization of her incredible new ability set against the thunderous energy of New York City, along with the self-soothing techniques she inspired Bertrand to utilize in his Los Angeles- and Beverly Hills-based private practices with tremendous success.

Included are of questions to use as a centerpiece to defining your true inner empath, as well as beautiful, meditative visualization techniques to help calm sudden maelstroms of emotion, making EMPATH a critical tool in any intuitive person's arsenal for the management of disruptive energies.