Emails to My Children

Wisdom in a Nutshell
by Teval Stephens
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Publisher: AuthorHouse UK

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781524636272

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Emails to My Children is a treatise that has the power to vastly improve the life of anybody that reads it. It provides a fascinating insight into universal laws, truths, and facts of life. The golden nuggets of wisdom enclosed will give you enlightenment, which otherwise would only be gained from lessons learned over a lifetime of trial and error, research, and observation. This book was written preliminary to reduce the hassle for the youth in not wasting time in learning firsthand the information that should be common knowledge and, secondly, for anyone not happy with their current life and unsure where they have gone wrong. Most people will pick up something new after reading this, and only if you have learned one new thing from this book would it have been worth it. The book will make you more aware of how to: never be lonely, be happy, get rich, get fit and be healthy, build and grow a business, live a spiritual life, live longer.