by A Vancy

Publisher: A Vancy

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301103638

Binding: Kobo eBook

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ELSEWHERE I - The Icare Woman

Spiritual quest for two characters whose destinies meet in a series of adventures between Paris and Rajasthan (India), with Plato's Myth of the Cave and Atlantide in the background.

'Treasure hunt' to the 'Giant Bubble', lost paradise at the bottom of the ocean and in their own consciousness.

Meeting between ALEXIS and Audrey in the 'Lost temple' where they are held captive by knight-monks who've been the guardians of an ancient secret since Alexander the Great, in the far away lands of India.

ELSEWHERE II – The Free child

Audrey and Alexis feel attracted by an invisible force towards a child born in a family close to the Prime Minister of India.

In the context of terrorist attacks close to the Bombay ones in 2008, the true Mahabharat war is re-enacted as scientists gather around the new born baby in order to reveal a 'weapon of massive reconstruction', an 'atmic bomb' intended to free the souls of the world and to restore a world of beauty, peace and harmony at the bottom of the ocean, the 'Giant Bubble'.

ELSEWHERE III – The seed of destiny (Flashback)

On May 12th, 1936, the French consul in Mahé (India) has invited a few guests for dinner. Because of a violent storm, Mahatma GANDHI and LEKHRAJ, the consul's wife personal jewelrer, accept to stay overnight.

ELSEWHERE III is a flashback and a synthesis of the two previous sections. The wonderful world of the 'Giant Bubble' is described with even more details, along with the notions of soul-consciousness', meditation and Supreme soul.