Elementmen Series

by L. L Kyleb Kybrel Sr

Publisher: L. L Kyleb Kybrel, Sr

Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781310340468

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Rexter, an exiled technician who fabricated weapons of massive destruction such as nuclear weapons and other dangerous armaments set out to revenge against the same people for whom he worked who had ruined his life and they include the presidents of the powerful nations of the world and other powerful men and organizations. Rexter first produces a machine-replica of him which he is to use to aid him in the fabrication of dangerous machinery which can extinct everything found on earth once it explodes. The superheroes Elementmen who possess the elemental powers are in reality extraterrestrials who are grieving for the destruction of their planet; who come on earth and see that the same fate is going to happen to this young planet if they don’t do something. That is how they wear their masks and hide their identity to stop the earth’s destruction by Sunman, the new solar weapon of Rexter which he has created to destroy the planet. When the Elementmen come on Earth they seek refuge from a certain powerful scientist Jennifer and they become her heroes. Jennifer is a rival scientist to Rexter and his ideas of war and armaments contrary to hers of peaceful co-existence. Jennifer with her Elementmen, Thunderboltman (Fulguran) of the Thunderbolt element, Airman (Aeraz) of the Air element, Fireman (Focuson) of the Fire element, Earthwoman (Terraine) of the earth element and Waterwoman (Aquarine) of the Water element; all stand in the way of Rexter and his evil-cruel ambitions. All five Elementmen members under the leadership of Jennifer step up to challenge Rexter and the Sunman and other creations of Rexter such as the Solarmen and the Dark Elementmen; in various devastating and destructive battles to protect the earth from Rexter, in which all the forces of nature are used by the Elementmen against the Sunman and Solarmen and Dark Elementmen, and which costs much on nature and it's ecosystem. The Elementmen also face resistances from the human leaders who are ...