Elementmen 3 Elementmen Rebellion

by L. L Kyleb Kybrel Sr

Publisher: L. L Kyleb Kybrel, Sr

Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781310903960

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The entire Earth population is panicked and in total confusion from recent destructions occasioned by a team of Elementmen in dark costumes. The group later shows and reveals itself to the Earth’s population and tells them of their intention to destroy the whole human population and create a race of elemental men to occupy the Earth. They believe that the Earth belongs to the elemental men and that their elemental powers harmonizes and forms one with the Earth’s elemental environment; and hence believe that the Earth is truly their habitation place and is not meant for the humans. They also reveal their intention of alternating the earth’s ecosystem and its various elements into an artificial one which they could control to their pleasures. From various demonstrations of their powers on the Earth; their powers reveal itself to be more destructive than the Sunman’s and the combined Solarmen’s and it goes harmoniously with the Earth’s element power to destroy the earth harmoniously. The leaders of the Earth are afraid of this new extra-terrestrial race and their powers, and decide to take action against them. Help is called on the side of the Elementmen and the Sunman and Rexter who also agrees to the surprise of the Elementmen, and shamefully admits that he is the one who had once created the “Dark Elementmen” so as to use them against the Elementmen; but they had escaped from his power and authority to become independent. The Dark Elementmen declare war on the Elementmen and reveal themselves: the Fulguraman, the Aeraman, the Aquaman, the Terraman and the Focaman. After the Dark Elementmen invade the Earth and the Element Corp, a final battle between the Elementmen and the Sunman against the Dark Elementmen ensues in which the Solarmen join the Dark Elementmen and the two latter are destroyed by elemental radiation from the Elementmen and the Sunman’s combined fusion powers thanks to Rexter.