Electric Pickle

50 Experiments from the Periodic Table, from Aluminum to Zinc
by Joey Green
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Publisher: Chicago Review Press

Publication Date: October 01, 2017

ISBN: 9781613739624

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Why does a pickle light up when you plug it into a wall socket? Can iron burn? Are Cheerios magnetic? Explore these strange questions and more in The Electric Pickle, an indispensible collection of 50 madcap experiments based on the periodic table. Each project demonstrates an element's unique properties using easy-to-follow instructions. Experiments include:
Hexed Helium Balloon
Green Tornado Fire
Black Light Jell-O
Gonzo Pickle Batteries
Totally Tricky Thermometer
Ludicrous Lead-Pencil Lightbulb
The Electric Pickle is also sprinkled with mind-bending scientific facts and entertaining sidebars about historic experiments and less common, often dangerous, elements.