Ea$y Money?

by Stuart Box

Publisher: Stuart Box

Publication Date: January 11, 2016

ISBN: 9781311844019

Binding: Kobo eBook

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What is it that makes one company successful at process improvement and another a dismal failure? What are the essential factors that cause this difference in outcomes?
Many improvement efforts are started by people with a lot of passion and energy for change. They are also started in companies with personalities, histories and varying cultures. Process improvement will bring a new way of thinking to the organisation. Process improvement will be confronting. While passion and energy are a great start, there is a tremendous amount of effort required to move an organisations workforce and culture to this new way of thinking. We need to harness the power of process improvement to help with the implementation.
Process Improvement methodologies teach us to look at the world in terms of the processes at work. They teach us to understand the variables that contribute to the process’s output. There may be many variables in a complex process or only a few in a simpler one. Of all the variables in any process, some will have a greater impact on the outcome than others. These are the Variables That Matter and each has a chapter in this ebook.
By paying attention to how these variables play out in your organisation individually and in combination with each other, and by tuning your process improvement implementation to maximise their beneficial impact, you may find your optimal pathway toward Ea$y Money.