Eat Healthy, Be Active

Community Workshops
by Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion & Department of Health and Human Services

Publisher: Skyhorse

Publication Date: January 02, 2018

ISBN: 9781510726239

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Eat Healthy, Be Active is a series of one-hour workshops created by the US Department of Health and Human and Office of Disease Prevention to encourage better overall health in the community and at home. Based on recent nutrition and physical activity guidelines, this handbook provides instructors everything they need to create interactive, engaging, and effective workshops in the following areas: 1. Enjoy Healthy Food That Tastes Great 2. Quick, Healthy Meals and Snacks 3. Eating Healthy on a Budget 4. Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off 5. Making Healthy Eating Part of Your Total Lifestyle 6. Physical Activity Is Key to Living Well This handbook provides a lesson plan with step by step instructions, learning objectives and activities, and educational materials for each workshop, allowing anyone to become an instructor. In addition, materials are created to be inclusive of all literacy levels, making healthy living accessible for anyone and everyone.