Drug Delivery Approaches and Nanosystems, Volume 2

Drug Targeting Aspects of Nanotechnology
by Raj K. Keservani, Anil K. Sharma & Rajesh K. Kesharwani
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Publisher: Apple Academic Press

Publication Date: November 15, 2017

ISBN: 9781351846660

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This volume is a thorough presentation of the state-of-the-art research and developments in drug delivery systems using nanotechnology and its applications. The second of this two-volume set, it addresses the applications of nanotechnology or nano-sized materials in the medical field and the real-world challenges and complexities of current drug delivery methodologies and techniques.

This volume includes 11 chapters that focus on the targeting facet of drug delivery systems. Targeting is a focused maneuver to achieve the specified goals, including achieving the desired result and reaching the specific location. Targeting has now been successfully achieved for several diseases/disorders; however, its role is noteworthy in cancer treatment where chemotherapy is a main course of approach. Nanotechnology-based products have great potential by virtue of their inherent features.

This edited book provides a detailed application of nanotechnology in drug delivery systems in health care. The book discusses general principles of drug targeting, material of construction and technological concerns of nanoparticles, and different drug delivery systems and their preparation.

Taken together, the informative chapters will provide researchers and scientists as well as faculty and students with valuable research on the effective use of new approaches in advanced drug delivery nanosystems.

Volume 1 of the two-volume series is subtitled Novel Drug Carriers. The volumes are available separately or as a set.