Drink Urine and Live Healthy

by C. S. Dr Rayudu
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Publisher: GenNext Publication

Publication Date: June 30, 2016

ISBN: 9789380229744

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A miraculous book…. Indispensable to disease-prone humanrace reeling under healing crisis. The easiest way to be healthy, deageing, longevity, figurechange, without disease, decay, death and to regain lost health. A significant contribution… Prof. Rayudu by writing this book in English has done a great service to the mankind who is suffering from deteriorating physical due to innumerable and incurable ailments. This book would be of immense value to those who are already leading a yogic life style as well as those modern young generation who are unaware and to make a beginning. A straightforward, precise to the point, no bull !! Manna from Heaven, Natural Elixir, nectar.