Door to Glory

Dialogues with Apostle John
by Douglas Grady
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: June 07, 2017

ISBN: 9781504380980

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Our destiny after death is the foundation of our religious thought. Religious taboos have spoiled man's pleasures and delights by inconveniencing him to obtain religious comfort. Religion is based on the interaction between the etheric and physical worlds. Psychic science was mysterious to our ancestors, and as a consequence, they misunderstood and misinterpreted it. The Apostle John helps to clear up these issues in this book. John was a medium for his book of Revelation. Angels like John were formerly human beings who have lived on earth and died. Now they continue functioning in another world of finer vibrations. Marilyn is the medium for this book. In the past, Moses, Joshua, King David, prophets, and biblical writers were all mediums. As we are entering a new age, the Apostle John shed the light of the coming changes for our world. This addresses the question of how the world transforms to a more loving environment for the future and how soon it will happen. Also, John revealed the ending of control by the "behind the scenes" Dark Side that has caused an endless succession of bloody conflicts and devastating turmoil throughout human history. The Apostle John also gave the following explosive revelations: - When the soul enters a baby - The church's control of divorce - The life of Jesus after the crucifixion - The assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy - Civilization on Mars - Reincarnation and its removal from the Bible - Earthbound souls Find out these and other fascinating truths from the Apostle John regarding the perplexing questions that have pervaded mankind through the ages.