Do All Bugs Need Drugs?

Conventional and Herbal Treatments of Common Ailments
by Deborah Hodgson-Ruetz
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781450268271

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Several chronic health problems facing modern populations can be easily treated through the use of natural substances. Many of the ailments that people suffer from are related to lifestyles and diet. The immune system, for example, is the focus of tremendous scientific interest because of its relation to diseases such as cancer, leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, and severe allergies. Yet the immune system can be weakened by pharmaceuticals. In contrast, the immune system is strengthened by herbs such as echinacea, astragalus, and reishi. In America, early settlers brought their folklore from Europe, adding it to the abundant knowledge of the Native American Indians, who had for centuries told tales of how the Great Spirit gave them certain medicinal plants to cure their people. With interest in herbal cures taken from medicinal plants growing, herbalists are once again gaining a respected place among healers. Do All Bugs Need Drugs? presents a step-by-step guide that explains how to treat common ailments at home using natural and herbal treatments. It also offers insightful, common sense health information, useful for anyone with chronic ailments who is searching for a natural way to manage their symptoms and pain.