Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology

Your personal guide to solving everyday questions with the power of numbers
by Laurie Denise Andrews
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781456762766

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People have used numerology and cards since ancient times as a means to see into their future and to help guide them in present situations. Now, in Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology, Master Numerologist, Parapsychologist and Professional Card Reader, Laurie Denise Andrews has formulated a system of using everyday playing cards and numerology to foretell one's future and to assist in everyday life experiences. Laurie details each of the 52 cards of a regular card deck based on her own numerological research and combines her research of the innate vibrational pattern of numbers with her experience as a professional card reader to give the reader a true way of knowing how to live their life, work out problems, and, see what the future has in store for them whether in their personal relationships, career, health, or other areas of life. By using this researched and proven method of numerology based card readings, you will find it easy to identify the positive and negative choices in your life, and, you will know when the path you are on will lead you to heartache or success. Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology is your guide to helping you fulfill your goals and achieving a happier and healthier life. Editorial Review: In Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology, Laurie Denise Andrews provides the reader a short history on numerology and on the history of using playing cards for fortune telling. She then gives a detailed look at the meaning of each card in each suit of the deck and then teaches her audience how to perform card readings for themselves and for others while giving sample readings to learn from. This is really a complete and straight forward guide that is easy to read and follow.