Divine Creation

by Lucy

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

Publication Date: May 22, 2016

ISBN: 9781619844889

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Divine creation is a unique spiritual guidance book, which provides its readers with information and insights that can change their lives. This book was transferred through channeling from the beings of the ‘Galactic Center’. 

In every aspect of life, the moment you begin asking ‘Why?’ and are not getting any straight and logical answers, it is time to stop and do some rethinking. 

The book answers in simple and humorous language the question ‘Who are we?’ as well as other important questions, such as: 

• Who is God, the creator and what is the creation?
• How was life on Earth created and how was man created?
• Why we are here and what is the purpose of humanity in the universe?
• What are destiny, fate and soul?
• What are heaven and hell and is there life after death?
• How are the biblical and dinosaur eras connected?
• What are the basic rules of the universe? 

Many basic and essential insights are presented in this book, such as:

There never was and never will be a single truth. You are all visitors for a brief moment on the face of the Earth. Nothing was nor ever will be yours forever, other than your freedom of choice.

Even your soul belongs to God. You cannot die.


About the Author

Lucy is an international medium and psychic and a descendant of Rabbi Haim Ben Attar (Light of Life).
she possess channeling abilities and receive messages and answers to questions on various topics in a brief and straightforward way, she also possess ability for ‘X-ray’ vision which allows her to diagnose medical conditions.`