Dinosaur Memories

Dino-Trekking for Beasts of Thunder, Fantastic Saurians, 'Paleo-People,' 'Dinosaurabilia,' and Other 'Prehistoria'
by Allen A. Debus & Diane E. Debus
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781469721941

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Dinosaur memories are hard to forget! Most who revel in the current renaissance in dinosaur science, art, fiction and movies, or who enjoy the other appealing prehistoric animals so well popularized by the media have fond recollections of what it was like growing up dinosaur. Together with wife Diane and his father Allen G. Debus, Allen A. Debus unveils treasured dinosaur memories and stories about prehistoric animals and paleo-people, spanning from the cold-blooded dinosaur era, to the modern wave dinosaur renaissance. Beginning with fondly recalled roadtrips to prehistoric places where T. rex still reigns, Dinosaur Memories ventures into the realm of thunder beasts and explores the rich pop-cultural appeal of prehistoric animals. If youve ever collected dinosaurs, enjoyed fossil hunting or visits to see the old bones in museums, Dinosaur Memories is a book youll still recall years from now! Thirty-five chapters are grouped into seven sections titled, Roads Into Prehistory, Thunder Beasts, Dinosaur Worlds, Fantasy Dinosaurs, Fossil Trickery, Paleo-people, and Rustlin up Dinos.