Diary of a Schizophrenic

by Timothy June
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781514474136

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In this book, you will follow the thoughts of a little boy growing up, tiny details that later take on huge importance later. How the enemy weaves lies all through our lives in our heads, setting up traps to tear us from Jesus. You will read of a touching story of saving a cats life by crude surgery when a hunter shoots it with an arrow. Times in my life when all abandoned me, including my family, because I was too much bother. I was left to rot in a VA hospital. I somehow summoned enough strength to run away and force people to care even when they didnt want to. Even on how I was led to sing the Star Spangled Banner over and over from inside an isolation room in a hospital, where I was drugged by three gorillas and given a shot in the ass because I wanted to talk to the doctor in person before I took any medicine. An instance when an orderly was attacked by a patient and I helped the orderly by jumping on the patients back. There are all sorts of supernatural things that happened, and only the love of Jesus kept me sane and not desire to seek revenge. How the Holy Spirit healed me and taught me to forgive all the wicked things that happened. How our system needs a serious overhaul and how doctors are given way too much power. I hope you read this book and it gives you a little compassion for people. Is it a big step from having a thought enter into your head and actually hearing the thought being spoken in your head? You are used to thoughts coming to you, but if it was out loud in your head, you would probably react a lot differently.