Depression Free Forever ...and for Men too.

by Garry G. Laser

Publisher: Garry G. Laser

Publication Date: November 21, 2015

ISBN: 9780993752070

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Is depression endogenous or exogenous? Well, if you believe the educated majority, you will come to know that depression is referred to in these two categories. Endogenous simply means that it is within you – primarily as a result of genetic pass-along and exogenous means that depression comes to a person from outside sources and causes. Some would go so far and say that because their parents had depression, that they too are now afflicted with depression as well and that there is simply no cause behind their depression other than endogenous affliction. Apparently such type of depression comes from nowhere or so we are lead to believe.
I firmly believe that all manner of depression, anxiety and loneliness is derived from the spiritual source of negativity. The source that promotes negativity is set up to destroy our trust and faith in that which is our faithful supply of sufficiency. Where hope is available for all mankind, negativity removes hope. Where help is available for both you and me, negativity removes the path or makes them crooked so that help is sought by us in all the wrong places. Where there is a well with a deep source of cool refreshment, we tend to think we would be better off drilling our own well. Negativity makes us doubt our faithful supply of sufficiency. Negativity moves us to reject real help and hope and moves us into a direction from which any help we would receive would be temporal and visceral; no logic, no reasoning, no permanency but only mere crude emotional psycho-pacifiers. There is a logic for curing depression forever-after, which, due to its incomprehensible simplicity at first appears worthy of rejection. That is exactly why we have the ever increasing epidemic of sadness turning into clinical depression and even to the extent where the mania of euphoria is coupled with depression and labeled as bipolar.
This depression free forever logic and reasoning is so simple that it has been missed by millions of ...