Deny Me

A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist from the bestselling author of Deliver Me
by Karen Cole

Publisher: Quercus

Publication Date: April 02, 2020

ISBN: 9781529403817

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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From the bestselling author of Deliver Me comes a gripping new thriller with a twist you'll never see coming!

Thirty-two-year-old Jessica is newly divorced and has returned home to live with her parents whilst she puts the pieces of her life back together. But Jessica isn't the only one with problems, as her mother, Jean, has recently been diagnosed with dementia.

Shortly after Jessica's arrival, one of the neighbours falls to her death, in what appears to be a terrible accident. However, Jean claims that the woman was murdered by her husband and that she witnessed the whole thing.

With Jean's memory rapidly deteriorating, her family dismiss her story, believing Jean is confused. But when Jessica learns that the couple next door's marriage may have been in trouble, she begins to wonder if her mother did see something after all.

Jessica is determined to discover the truth, but soon uncovers much more than she bargained for...

An addictive psychological thriller for fans of Rachel Abbott and CL Taylor.

See what readers are saying about Karen Cole:

'This is one of the best books I've ever read. Gripped me from page one'
Sue, Amazon reviewer

'If you like Karin Slaughter you will love this!'
Cath, Amazon reviewer

'That reveal?!? I was constantly guessing throughout and I still didn't see that ending coming even though the clues are there!'
Chanel, Amazon reviewer

'This book is stunning - I was completely hooked from start to finish'
Donna, Amazon reviewer