DOPE Bird Personality Type Test: Applying Personality Theories in a Fun, Memorable, and Quick Assessment

by Richard N. Stephenson

Publisher: Richard N. Stephenson

Publication Date: May 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781476378831

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Get Your DOPE Bird Personality Test and Discover Yourself Today

This fun, simple, and personal development resources will help you discover your personality.

The DOPE Bird Personality Test will help you peek inside and see what matters most. Knowledge is power – power is self-control. Growth comes with self-control.

How this Test Helps You Grow:

* Enjoy your life with others by seeing their bird type’s traits and weaknesses
* Boost your career by understanding how your coworkers work
* Maximize your type’s strengths to help direct your future
* Get little known tips on bird type body language that will give you the edge
* Learn the emotions of your type to control depression & anger
* Grow your relationships and marriage with many communication tips
* Have fun discovering hidden gems in you with the easy & memorable bird types

Awesome Testimonials from People Like You:

"I find the bird concept fascinating and easy to remember. I teach a communication class at a college and am a massage therapist full time. I have brought up this concept in my massage therapist practice with clients, and they too, find themselves mentioning it to others. I think your personal journey is amazing and I would like to share the personality information with other people." -Dana (Canada)

"We’re big fans of the test, and really believe that it delivers a lot of insight for very little effort, which is ideal in a recruitment environment." -David (New Zealand)

"Thought you would enjoy learning that as part of a free and volunteer high school youth intervention effort against after school violence, your “D.O.P.E.” assessment was used and was very instrumental in helping students and faculty better understand their inner natures for addressing personal conflict. Actually, it was a big hit with all who participated!" -H. (United States)

Are you ready to find your DOPE Bird Personality Type and grow today?