Publisher: Pure Tranquility Publishing

Publication Date: June 05, 2019

ISBN: 1230003262108

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“Dimensional Gateways – A Practical Guide to Astral Projection” is another excellent book written by Pane Andov. It gives step by step instructions for awakening human latent astral potentials, how to visit other dimensions and what to do and what not to do there.
Among many other things, Andov is a lifetime astral traveler with over 30,000 out of body experiences and thousands of students worldwide. His knowledge and experience are always a valuable asset to anyone who studies or practice the art of astral projection.
Andov clearly explains that the physical dimension that we are currently living in, is not the only one that exists and that there are other six dimensions that our soul essence can visit and manifest on. In other words, our soul essence - which the consciousness itself, is capable of multidimensional presence.
What the Astral Plane is a concern, as with any other living forms in the Universe, the same principle applies for the human beings - the length and the reachable distance while out of physical bodies, will vary on the amount of life force the consciousness has during the departure of the biological host.
During the sleeping time, the astral body of the human being departs from the physical host and enters the Astral Plane where it starts collecting life force energy that is essential for existence. The entire recharging process is fully explained, which gives valuable clues to the student, of how the dynamics of the energy transfer between the astral, etheric and physical body works.
A part in the book deals with dreaming programs of holographic nature; why we are perceiving them inside the Astral Plane or how they are artificially manifested inside our consciousness. A complete elaboration of four sources that the dreaming programs can originate from are given and how one can break the dreaming hologram and regain a full awareness on the Astral Plane.
During the sleeping time, many people ...