DEAR GOD, Letters With A Reply VOL TWO




Publication Date: November 26, 2018

ISBN: 1230002924908

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It’s amazing how we manifest our thoughts. What we think about so much end up defining us as human beings. Without realising it, we begin to act accordingly as we think. The bible made it clear that as a man thinketh so is he.

What’s going on inside your mind. Our mind is supposed to be the most private element of our body soul and spirit yet it’s the most obvious to all.

We think our mind is private, however, it directs our actions. It directs how we perceive ourselves and it directs how we live and who we choose to be in our lives.

Our thoughts are obvious in our actions to our fellow human being but it’s plain sight before The Master. Prayer is not only when you verbalise words, one of the most powerful prayers is that said with sincerity in our thoughts and minds, without all the fanfare attributed to praying publicly.

Talking, meditation, praying loudly, praying quietly, reflective times are all tantamount to having a closer walk with The Master, The Master loves to hear from us at any time just like any parent loves to hear from their children. If you find it hard to pray, write a letter, The Master sees all and hears all. Here is to your prayer writing letters to The Master.

Enjoy your letters and most importantly wait for his replies. The Master always replies.