Current Trends In Coleus Aromaticus

An Important Medicinal Plant
by Manish Chandra Pathak Iffat Khan
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Publication Date: July 01, 2015

ISBN: 9781468938555

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The book entitled ‘CURRENT TRENDS IN COLEUS AROMATICUS’ is a collection of diverse medicinal aspects of advanced research on Coleus Aromaticus. This provides a comprehensive coverage of different trends, which is an outlook for research & development for plant biologists and researchers. The book summarized information concerning the occurrence and current status, botanical description, propagation, cultivation, production and export prospects in India, medicinal applications, ethno-pharmacological applications & indigenous uses, phytochemistry, biological activities and role of plant biotechnological approaches in conservation of C. Aromaticus for sustainable utilization, production & enhancement of secondary metabolites. The objective of this book is to provide comprehensive scientific information to a reader about the prevalent medicinal properties of the plant COLEUS AROMATICUS. Current usage of contemporary medicines and their ultimate economic impact solely due to their long term side effects are harshly evident. Now, it is necessary to support application of alternative medicines for common diseases. Reliance on plant based medicines should increase pertaining to long term successful history, ease of accessibility and much lower prices, relatively. We believe that the content of the book will inspire readers to broaden their research interests, and encourage more widespread use of this high value medicinal plant.