Cucumber Fishing

by Dennis McHankins


Publication Date: December 26, 2016

ISBN: 9781329902374

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Some folks are better than others at maintaining the upper hand over the small, but crafty, second brain that is imbedded in all of us. In Cucumber Fishing, the cucumber is the home to the second brain, i.e., libido, whether it hangs off the body like some sort of alien pod or not. Everyone has a libido to manage; Men, women and animals. Sub-titled, Libido mismanagement in a nutshell, Cucumber Fishing visits the lives of Heidi Quinter and Roban Gupta, amongst others, who fall at various points on the libido management grid. Alfred, Heidi’s newly adopted boxer, appears on the surface to have control of his cucumber. He’s a young dog who’s still figuring life out. Alfred’s cucumber management, at his pre-teen age, consists of making sure the sun shines on his at least once a day. Heidi Quinter lives in Bonner Springs, Kansas. If the town spelled its name with one ‘n’, they’d probably have Broadway shows, high-end strip joints, casinos and hot springs that arouse your cucumber.