CrowdFunding in a Nutshell

by Joy Alatta

Publisher: Joy Alatta

Publication Date: May 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781310230585

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Recent economic woes plaguing the world have led to increase in the number of people wanting to start their own business. This caused an increase in frustrations and challenges experienced by small businesses who want to secure business funding. What is even more challenging is the lack of information and knowledge about alternative source of business finance. Many small businesses are still hanging on to the traditional belief that only banks can facilitate business finance.

The power of the internet to harness and pull resources and information from like minded people has facilitated the generation of creative and alternative means of raising finance for just any venture. Crowdfunding is one of such alternative means of raising finance from the crowd. The internet has made geographical locations irrelevant because it created a global paying ground where people connect virtually to collaborate and interact.

Crowdfunding in a nutshell is a book dedicated to educate the crowd in a way to ensure that people have the ability to make informed decision about this new buzz called crowdfunding. Innovators, small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs are in dire need of relevant information about this phenomenon revolutionizing business financing.

There is a very wide gap between what crowdfunding is doing and what people know about crowdfunding. Even among those that know about crowdfunding, their level of knowledge of crowdfunding and its industry is still at an elementary level. This could also be the cause of some scattered incidents of were crowdfunding went bad. Crowdfunding industry is young and it is still growing. The growth will continue even as the controversy about it continues to increase.

Most of the books that are already in the market about crowdfunding are based on practices on specific crowdfunding portals. I realized that there is a need to have a book that will expound the topic of crowdfunding with best practices concept.